Office Properties

Identifying the right office space for your business does not have to be complicated. Phoenix Commercial Properties tracks or has access to data on virtually every office building within your search area.  However, identifying the right space is only the beginning. With more than fifteen years of experience in both landlord and tenant representation, we are able to help your company arrive at the most advantageous terms to accommodate your company’s size requirements, budget and long-term objectives.

Be it Class A urban office space to single story flex space to specialized/technical lab or medical spaces, we have the tools to provide your company with the most effective—and enlightened—office space solutions.  

Class A, B, & C Office Spaces:

Each business has a personality of its own. Some tenants require very simple space that only accommodates their employees and has little need to impress. Other tenants have business clients arriving at their space daily and need the most accessible, high-profile space available.  Each of these businesses may generate the same income and have the same elemental needs, but prioritize and weight their accommodations in a different manner. A skilled Phoenix Commercial Properties associate who understands your business needs can guide you to the properties that best represent your culture, geographic parameters and special requirements. 

Flex Office Spaces:

Flex office spaces are simply that: flexible. Sometimes these spaces may cross the line between office and industrial, opening up a series of additional categories such as flex/industrial and flex/office. These spaces serve an important role in many suburban oriented markets.  Normally characterized as single story properties with direct entrances to tenant spaces; they often lack common areas which reduces operating costs and are leased on a “net” basis.  

Garden Office/Office Condominiums:

Taking several forms, these properties speak for themselves. Some appear to be constructed similar to residential properties, such as two- or three-story townhouses, single-story connected or non-connected units, or in some modern examples: two- or three-story buildings with a commercial appearance containing several owners and tenants with several entrances. Although several units can be connected to accommodate mid-range to larger users, they best serve tenants and owners with needs under 2,000 square feet.  

Lease terms and conditions widely vary based on location and type of building. See our Tenant Representation Services section for more information on how Phoenix Commercial Properties can identify the most appropriate space to meet your business needs.