Industrial Properties

As technology changes so does the space required for research and development, production, storage and distribution. Businesses today utilize industrial space in so many ways that simply identifying the right logistical and qualified location is only a small step toward fulfilling their overall technical and physical needs. Column spacing, clear height, utility capacity, loading requirements and slab capacity are only the most general of conditions being looked at in a specific building. Addressing issues such as municipal air quality standards, hazardous materials handing, specialized sprinkler systems, logistics automation and many others is the job of a reliable and knowledgeable commercial real estate partner. Phoenix Commercial Properties tracks or has access to data on virtually every industrial building within your search area and the experience to identify and accommodate your company’s unique industrial objectives.

Flex Office Spaces:

Flex office spaces are simply that: flexible. Sometimes these spaces may cross the line between office and industrial opening up a series of additional categories such as flex/industrial and flex/office. These spaces serve an important role in many suburban oriented markets. Normally characterized as single story properties with direct entrances to tenant spaces; they often lack common areas which reduces operating costs and are leased on a “net” basis. 

Build-To Suit:

In many cases, the specific technical needs of a business cannot be met within the current or future space inventory in a city or surrounding market. In these instances the client may decide to construct a building that meets their needs and either own it or lease it back from an investor. This is a very detailed process that requires a solid team behind you with the experience and process for formulating your build-to suit plan from the initial site selection through the first day of operation and everything in between. Phoenix Commercial Properties has assisted tenants, owners and users accomplish their build-to-suit needs. Our background, resources and skilled development and construction partners can bring value to your project in virtually any market.