Commercial Land

Land can be one of the most complicated investments to buy or sell. But with a focused attention to detail, a well-educated advisor can alleviate much of the worry. Phoenix Commercial Properties has more than 15 years’ experience with buying and selling lots, large development tracts, site selection, land management plans and build-to-suit consulting. 

All types of commercial real estate have risk. However, land values can swing dramatically based on a wide array of internal and external forces. Changes in municipal regulations and zoning, adjacent uses, surrounding developments within the micro-market, submarket and region, topography, hydrology, sub-surface conditions and both natural and atypical environmental issues can all impact value and use.  Identifying the challenges, limitations and solutions is key to finding success in almost every type of land transaction.

Each property has intrinsic value that can be maximized by using the right land advisor. Our main focus is to identify the most advantageous path to achieving your land objectives. Whether buying or selling, Phoenix Commercial Properties can assist you in recognizing the highest and best use of a subject property, acknowledge the various applications for the property to its surroundings, educate you on the entitlement process and risk management for both vacant land and partially developed lots/tracts, assist in assembling a well-organized development team (if desired), assist in identifying an exit strategy, and most importantly, identify the ideal transactional format to fit your present and long term needs.

Retail, office and industrial land, hospitality, service outparcels, undeveloped large residential tracts, heavy industrial/lay-down yards, mineral excavation, timber properties and recreational tracts (among several other types of land) each require a different type of transactional vehicle. Phoenix Commercial Properties can apply the right transactional tool to meet your investment/personal objectives. Direct sales/purchases, land leases, options, installment sales, assemblages, mineral and agricultural leasing, joint ventures, donations and trades are only a small sample of the tools at your disposal. 

Our clients have included families, individuals, large commercial corporations, small businesses, institutional organizations, churches, schools, municipalities, investors and developers. Though objectives differ from group to group, one element remains the same: our dedication to helping them make the right land decision, at the right time and at the right price.